Telerobotic Ecosystem is a series of experiments and prototypes in the process of final thesis project at Parsons School of Design.

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How does my garden grow in my tiny, virtually sunless city apartment?

I aim to make a robot that can carry a plant on top and look for the sunlight during the day. During twilight the robot will listen to ambient sound and will start to move around if there is too much noise in the environment around it. This will build a relationship based on the domestic environment and behavior of people around the plant. My overarching proposal for my thesis is to initiate development about telerobotic ecosystems to understand and develop a certain narrative for relationship of plants and human in place. In this case, the kind of empathy that happens between human and plant has a humanized version. I am interested to visualize this relationship with two factors of sound and light. This project develops a new idea of having access to plants in residential households and will bring the key to enjoy growing plants and future of living.