“Forced Module. .راک زورکی ”

Photography and Writing by: Nima Behravan

This book now can be found at the library of International Center for Photography

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Indeed Roland Barthes once wrote in “Camera Lucida” on making himself the measure of photographic “knowledge”. Based on his body’s experience with photo, he observed that a photograph can be the object of three practices (or of three emotions, or of three intentions): to do, to undergo, to look. And he talked about the moment that he, himself, was the object seeing itself in the photo. In doing so, as we not only see photos but also talk about them, in this book I intend to write for images, and use photos as the image of writing.

I attempt to incorporate narrative with photography to picture the text. “Let us now praise famous men” was the best model to start my research, with the writing of James Agee, and photography of Walker Evans, respectively.  With the incentive of immigration and in an effort to compare American great depression era with contemporary Iran, in this book I’m using photos with sequencing of both English and Farsi text, to introduce an environment or the situation of that “moment” Agee had spoken of in “They That Sow” or a “juncture of space, time and consciousness”.