Empathytis –

This project was a collaboration for Prototype for an environment  which enhances emotional contagion, connectivity and mindfulness between people.

The discussed areas for concept development were creation of empathy in self and others, confronting duality in personality, ambiguity/bittersweetness and mass empathy.


Head : Contains polarized 2-way mirror that distorts vision differently when looked from inside and outside.

Lights : An arduino controlled RGB LED strip that goes inside the head. It changes between shades of blue and green.

Sound : Person who experiences this can confess something sad and it goes in a feedback with sounds of people who have been there in the past. This process is repeated for people who enter in it next.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.44.47 PM

Teammates: Udit Mahajan, Heloise Cullen, Nima Behravan

Major Studio II Spring 2015

Parsons The New School for Design