Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.02.05 PM is a platform for individuals working in Civic Technology or wanting to get involved with a civic technology project. It is a reflective framework in the form of a web-based tool to help practitioners evaluate and improve their work. It incorporates an evolving library that consolidates knowledge and methodologies from multiple disciplines. There is a social network component that encourages and facilitates digital and real-world dialogue between practitioners

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The current evaluation framing in the civic technology field is mainly determined by economic drivers. The evaluation of projects is not widely incentivized within the field. We have also observed there are few methods or frameworks in place to design for inclusivity. We believe that these weak areas of civic technology challenge the field’s ability to create true and meaningful change.  

We have observed that the needs of the users within civic technology become secondary to economic utility.  We also believe that ‘Civic Tech’ is not as Civic as it should be and the likelihood for true innovation is decreased by these missing areas.


I had this project in the University Transdisciplinary Graduate Lab at The New School. website

teammates Rosalind Paradis, Samuel Haddix, Nima Behravan