Where is c-yard located?

A website that lets users remotely control the camera for exploring a real constructed space (including objects and artworks to interact with).

This is going to be a new way of seeing and interacting with the image, as it is giving the control to the user for choosing the way to discover a certain stage. So this project involves introducing the idea of remote control webcam that actually moves in a room, also creating the space with certain objects and scenario on view.


What is the content?

Environment: installation of a box that is decorated from inside and there is a robot that can move around into the box.

Objects: personal selection of items or icons that are fitting with the interior architecture of the box. These are artifacts that are collected to show in the room.

Remote control: user can handle the camera to up, down, right and left for seeing around. Also the camera can go forward or backwards to move around.

Web-based interface: screening of the video coming from webcam. Also there are buttons on the screen that user can click on it to turn the camera into the space.

This project was part of the MajorMajor show in April 2015 at The New School