For Negotiating with objects and also questioning the interaction, Ambox recognizes the presence of human and with sentience turns off the attention. The idea of the project is to fall between intelligence and telematics, and flip the human interaction from objects view.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.23.42 PM

Major Studio II project, Spring 2015
/Nima Behravan and Alex Dinsmore

// Parsons the New School for Design

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Parts of Ambox:

Рbody material: Ambox was made of acrylic (laser cut), and after a process of selection, the top side was chosen to be a piece of parametric plastic, that could easily be taken off and check inside.

– sound and light: The means of interaction was sound and light that were synched based on the presence of the user. Pizo sound and RGB lights were connected to Arduino.

– sensor: Ultra Sonic distance sensor with 3 conditions were coded and connected to Arduino. As the user gets closer to the box, the sound and light keep fading until turned off.